The order of using skin care products before going to bed

The order of use of skin care products before going to bed

  1, remove makeup

   Make-up removal is the first step in evening skin care. If you wear makeup during the day or put on isolation, sunscreen, etc., the first thing to do during skin care at night is to remove makeup and clean. As long as the makeup is removed, the subsequent skin care work can achieve the best results. Put on makeup, then just wash your face with facial cleanser.

  2, cleansing

   Cleansing, this is the second step of evening skin care, the effect is similar to makeup remover.

  3, toner

   After cleansing, apply a toner with a strong moisturizing function to the skin, because it has the effects of secondary cleansing, astringent pores, moisturizing, and softening cutin.

  4, eye cream

   If the eye skin condition is not good, you can apply eye cream after the lotion. If there is no eye cream, you can skip this step.

  5, lotion/essence/cream

Generally speaking, emulsions, essences and creams can be selected from two or one of the three. The first combination is to use the essence first and then the emulsion, and the second is to apply the cream directly. You can choose according to your skin type, preference, The season decides how to wipe it.

   6. Sleeping mask

   Sleeping mask is the last step of evening skin care. During the use of the sleeping mask, the skin can better absorb nutrients and form a protective film on the surface to play a role in moisturizing and hydrating.

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