Skin care tips

Skin care tips: morning, evening, and weekly care are indispensable

  Skin common sense

  Morning care

  1. Cleansing: Choose mild cleansing products for morning cleansing; thin stratum corneum, fragile skin, and sensitive skin can be washed directly with water.

  2. Water: Choose a suitable softening lotion according to your skin condition; MM who directly washes the face with clean water needs to cooperate with a cotton pad, and use the softening lotion to clean the face for the second time.

  3. Lotion/cream: Use a refreshing lotion or cream to lock in moisture for the skin and keep it moisturized.

  4. Isolate and sunscreen: apply sunscreen half an hour before going out, and after applying sunscreen for 10 minutes, follow-up makeup steps can be performed.

  Night care

  1. Clean and remove makeup: first remove makeup (only sunscreen is required to remove makeup), and then choose a product with moderate cleaning power for facial cleansing. Don't ignore the back of the ears and neck with sunscreen products.

  2. Water: Use toner to moisturize the facial skin.

  3. Muscle foundation (can be omitted): Choose a muscle foundation to promote the absorption of subsequent skin care products.

  4. Essence: superimpose essence or functional products after the muscle foundation.

   5. Lotion/cream: Apply lotion or cream at the end.

Cycle care

  1. Facial mask: Use the mask 2-3 times a week according to the needs of the skin.

  2. Deep cleansing and exfoliation: Regularly exfoliate and deep clean the skin, 1-2 times a week for oily skin, and once a week for sensitive skin and dry skin. After that, complete the follow-up skin care with a moisturizing facial mask or a product that has the effect of shrinking pores.

   Have you got the essential skin care tips for morning, evening, and weekly care mentioned above?

   beautiful tips

   1. Unless the product has special instructions, whitening products should not be used during the day.

   2. In the morning care, you should choose light and refreshing products, which are conducive to follow-up makeup; functional products are used in the evening, which is conducive to skin absorption and maximizes the effectiveness of skin care products.

  3. Exfoliate and deep clean regularly to remove deep trash and excess stratum corneum, which is conducive to the absorption of daily skin care products and helps skin care products to exert their maximum effect.

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