Brand Story

Dr. RASHEL was founded in wealthy Dubai. Since its establishment in 2000, it has been the perfume brand deducing the acme of luxury, elegance and happiness by natural skin care and natural beauty. Since the birth of "golden life" series of skin care products in 2002, Dr. RASHEL has always been expressing its endless imagination of natural skin care with the remarkable style. "The glory and luxury comes from excellent raw materials and exquisite craftsmanship; only rooted in the pure natural material, skin care owns real meaning!"

Dr. RASHEL gold ossein fragrance series continues the luxury tradition of selecting expensive natural material. The products integrate rare raw materials, fearless exploration and vibrant creativity. No matter sexy mellow or fresh air, every style is the refining of perfect material in fragrance circle; each wisp is the microcosm of exquisite techniques and professional achievements.

Dr. RASHEL is keeping an eye on the metrosexual men all over the world, and it has its own unique understanding and definition of urban metrosexual man. Obviously the hairstyle directly affects the objective evaluation standard of urban metrosexual man, so DR. RASHEL thinks we are responsible to help those who want to become urban metrosexual man or the ones have been.

DR. RASHEL's top club male special pomade creates unique urban metrosexual man for you. No matter in the office, gym, pub, party, hotel or any place, it will make you confident and shining, become the spotlight or the public focus.

Dr. RASHEL natural essential oil soap series, whose production concept originated from an ancient village in southeastern France, integrates the essence of sunshine, flowers and vegetation, giving all natural youth empowerment to each beauty conscious woman.

At the beginning, it enters the high-end cosmetic market with pure and unique handmade soap. DR.RASHEL has been spreading the idea of pure natural skin care until today. When the aromatic molecules of flowers and air mix up and come into your body, you’ll feel as if your soul wanders in the natural fragrant flowers.

The seasons change, air pollution, chemical damage like hair perm and dye, physical damage such as excessive hair drying and malnutrition caused by picky eating will make your hair dry, furcal and easily-broken. At that time, simple washing and moisturizing cannot repair or change the quality of hair fundamentally. DR. RASHEL pour mask gathers the natural plant essence, offers comprehensive maintenance 24 hours a day to make your hair silky like the water.

Dr. RASHEL entered China and settled in Shanghai formally in 2014. DR. RASHEL has strict demand for location like its product. In the middle, we only select Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and we only choose Shanghai in China.

Through continuous efforts and research, DR.RASHEL possesses 24K roe sauce series,  pomade series, Natural Essential Oil soap series, golden ossein series, facial scrub series, milk honey collagen series, lady moisturizing whitening skin care series, wipes series, Natural dead-sea mud bone collagen series, depilatory paste series, moisture mask series. DR.RASHEL believes in natural beauty and believes in natural being. What’s more, it believes that the essence of the world will make you absolutely beautiful.